March 14, 2012

Bucket List's been a a year.  i know.  i fell off the face of the earth.

BUT...i'm back (insert me siging, "from outter space, you just walked in to see that sad look upon my face...") back for real.  i do believe that i will be using this lovely blog as a little more of an outlet, and i like that idea. 

instead of a new year's resolution we, me and my blake, made a 2012 bucket list!  my return to the blog world was on that list.

i will be back.  and in my return i want to share in my walk with God, my growth in life, my crafty adventures, my attempt at running, and a whole let more. 

so be prepared....i'm preparing for a comeback!

to the moon and back


July 29, 2011

it's here it's here!

i mean, i know its not an acceptance letter to hogwarts or anything, but................ i got my letter that says i PASSED my COMPS!  i'm so stinking excited i could do a little dance.

i can't even write anymore because i'm so excited, and its time to celebrate, i'm thinking i want a mcdonald's happy meal to celebrate. yes, i know...i'm easy to please :)

July 22, 2011

the breeze for me

so.....i'm not a runner, by any stretch of the imgination.....BUT i WILL get there!  so therefore, the couch to 5k app has been added to my phone.  i have successfully completed two days!  it is going to take me a while.....but i will check something off my bucket list!  i am going to have a 13.1 sticker on the back of my car for running a half marathon....yeah, i know....its a big goal, but i want to do it for my daddy!

so i've been trying to train, and i've gotten to experience some wonderful time with Jesus.  just when i feel like a can't take another step its like i feel a cool breeze that was there just for me.  blake and i have created a battle of the bible verses...yep, he's extremely good.  i promise i think he reads it one time and its in his head for good...not me, it takes me a time or two, but we have had sweet time together trying to learn these verses together.  so i am continuing to try to wall paper my heart with scripture...

so the big MC, thats my baby sister molly carol, stayed with us this week, and let me just made my heart SMILE!  she's probably the goofiest and quirkiest person you could ever meet.  i told blake that i didn't know if i could ever had teenage daughters after having molly carol and her friend the whole week.....but i think i could get used to it :)

i've been working in my new classroom the past few days, as well as working on my last stinking class.  blah....please just give me a C so i can get my certificate for my master's....good grades are not part of my goals anymore...just want to FINISH.

have a fantastic friday!

to the moon and back-

July 18, 2011

sister sister sister is pretty much amazing :) and i get to spend the WHOLE week with her.  ok, so not really the whole week....i have to share her with her cheerleading team.  but she has a precious little friend staying with us too!  poor blake....he greatly outnumbered this week, but i think he'll survive.  he started by baking cookies, what he does best!

this picture is a great discription of our relationship....hahaha...i do love her oh so much.  i am five years older, but this girl has faith that can pack a punch.  she has an unfailing love for God that is nothing short of inspiring.  everyone should have a molly carol, if you don't, i might just share mine :)

have a fabulous monday!

to the moon and back-

July 12, 2011

what what!?!

the COMPS are now a thing of the past....please just imagine me doing a cheer, because i'm that excited.
so now i can move onto much greater things!  speaking of greater things...teaching.  i know without a doubt that God called me to be a teacher.  my last year teaching third grade was an adventure to say the least.  difficult is an understatement....but i will always cherish it as a learning experience.  God has blessed me with an AMAZING opportunity to teach at my dream school, hayes cooper center.

i'm absolutely over the moon excited.  i completed my student teaching here, and will stay in third grade.  i can't not describe the blessings i have felt in the past few days.  ephesians 3:30 says, "he can do immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine, according to His power at work within us."  He can do more than we ASK or IMAGINE....and good gracious He did.  it is absolutely amazing to look at my life and see where God's plan is unfolding. 

i hope you each have a glorious tuesday :)

to the moon and back-

July 10, 2011

praise you in this storm

so...... me and jesus have been connecting.  i have prayed for discipline to become more driven to memorize His scripture.  i worked a chrysalis walk earlier this year where i was blessed to listen to someone speak on faith.  they spoke of wall papering our hearts with scripture.  and thats exactly what i've been trying to do. 
ephesians 3:20 says, "he can do immeasureably more than all we can ask or imagine according to His power that it is at work within us."  this has been my guide the past few days.  He can do so much more than we could ever imagine.  i try so hard to put our god in a box sometimes, and there is not a box big enough to put Him in. 

sometimes life seems exactly like a storm.  business, work, family, church, and every other possible thing in life seems to be pulling you in a thousand different directions.  but God provides us the calm in the storm.  i am learning to praise him not only in the calm, but throughout the storm. 

tomorrow is the COMPS!  whew..........two years and its finally here.

tonight is the first night of VBS!

i am so stinking excited!!  arts and crafts here i come!

July 6, 2011

blah blah blah

comps.......comps....comps.....ugh....its the only thing that is daunting on my birght future.  july 11th needs to hurry and pass.  i CAN do this.  i WILL do this.

anyways...on to much happier things...CRAFTS.  love them.  they are my outlet.  i am no professional artisit by any means.  ask me to paint a tree, and i am pretty positive that it would look much like a cartoon.  kid's stuff is my thing.  check out these lovely canvas paintings for my sweet neighbor.....

the bird came about because of my sweet mama.  she's been in to birds lately.  she has specifically ordered a stool with a bird to go in her new classroom.

so instead of escaping from the reality of the comps through this or crafting, i'm going to be responsibile....i'm going to study!

have a marvelous day!

to the moon and back-